Advantages and disadvantages of the futon mattress:

Following we are presenting you the advantages and disadvantages of the futon mattress. Sleep better after reading Bestmattress-brand on our website.


The futon mattresses are cheap. They can also be used for beds and sofas; they are perfect for those with limited space (even for studios) and are very popular among students and anyone who needs or wishes to have convertible furniture.


Compared to other mattresses, futons have a shorter life span; some models are too thin or too rigid for some people.

How to choose the futon mattress?

As with all types of mattresses, even for the futon, the main role is represented by personal tastes and habits. If you opt for this type of mattress you need to evaluate some elements, let’s see which ones:

The thickness:

The futon mattresses with springs have thicknesses ranging from 12 to 30 cm, while the foam/cotton models and those entirely in cotton are available in a smaller range of thicknesses. The thickness represents a fundamental point especially if you are used to sleeping on mattresses that are not too rigid. Higher thickness models are also the most expensive models and are more difficult to fold for use on a convertible futon frame. The thickness of 15 cm is the most suitable for a medium-sized adult. Boys and persons with reduced weight, or people who prefer a stiffer mattress, can also be satisfied by a mattress with a thickness of less than 15 cm.


Futon mattresses tend to be stiff and not soft. If you prefer a softer mattress and do not want to give up the futon you need to opt for thicker models.

The position in which you sleep:

Generally, futon mattresses are indicated by those who prefer to sleep on their backs or on their stomachs, while those who sleep on their side often complain of excessive rigidity. The thicker models offer greater comfort.

FAQs futon mattresses:

Are there more futon mattress models?

There are different models of these mattresses, for example, there are spring models generally made of cotton (or polyester) and foam in addition to springs, for greater support.

There are foam/cotton models that contain a combination of foam (or latex) and cotton (or polyester).

There are completely natural models made entirely of cotton.

What percentage of satisfaction is recorded among consumers who switch to the futon mattress?

74% of users who used the futon mattress received full consent.